Sing Together! Vol 3: Everyday Basics

Sing Together! Vol 3: Everyday Basics

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Sing Together Vol. 3 features a large number of songs used in our Shichida Australia classes. These songs are themed around everyday basic concepts.


Track Listing:

1. Opening!

2. Heavy and Light

3. Let's Reap a Map!

4. My Family

5. Rainbow Colors (Roy G. Biv)

6. 7 Days Go Round and Round

7. Twelve Months (of the year)

8. The Musical Scale

9. Color Mixing Magic

10. Plenty of Plurals

11. The Shape, Shape of Shapes!

12. Opposite Land

13. They Make Me, Me

14. Ending!

15~26. Karaoke Backing Tracks



    • Naturally acquire language comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation

    • Learn basic concepts such as numbers, colours, shapes, opposites, etc.

    • Increase language output


    • Establish language in the brain by repeatedly listening to the CD to input the phrases and singing along with the karaoke version

    • Learn the natural flow of pronunciation and intonation by using the CD for input and output activities


    • Mathematical Concepts: Learn about numbers!

    • Daily Conversation, etc.: For children learning to speak

    • Concept of language/Basic concepts: For elementary school children!