Doki Doki Maze

Shichida Maze Series #3: Doki Doki Maze (4-7 years old)

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Develop a broad field of vision and enhance discernment with the third book in our Shichida Maze Series!

The Doki Doki Maze is for children 4-7 years old who want to do brain training by solving mazes.



    • Develop the ability to move a pencil, which is connected to writing and drawing ability
    • Acquire the ability to look ahead and grasp the bigger picture
    • Develop thinking ability and concentration
  • Expand the perimeter of vision and increase processing ability


    • Develop the ability to move a writing tool by drawing curved lines
    • Strengthen a child's processing ability by learning how to use his/her eyes and expanding the perimeter of his/her vision
    • Develop perception, discernment and concentration by discovering a route to the exit


    • Puzzles with increasing difficulty
    • The degree of difficulty is set to gradually increase and skills will naturally improve
    • Enjoyable activities with any fun mazes including animals, toys, etc!

Develop your child's critical thinking and avail of our Shichida Maze Series now.

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