Kanae-chan English Set

Kanae-chan English Set

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Increase vocabulary and language comprehension!




    • Naturally acquire language and enrich vocabulary
    • Understand the names of a wide range of objects
    • Develop the right brain's instant recall ability
    • Activate the right brain with flashcards


    • Flashing cards at high speed will input object names into the right brain.
    • Flashing cards at high speed will activate the right brain's memory function, which will allow the child to quickly memorise object names.
    • Showing cards and pictures while saying the names of the objects will develop connecting links between the right and left brains, allowing vocabulary to become firmly embedded in the memory.


    • Over 1200 nouns!
    • This set includes a flashcard CD. Use it when you flash the cards at high speed or, when you are busy, simply playing the CD is an effective activity.