Good Child’s English Time - Tiny Songs Vol. 3

Good Child’s English Time - Tiny Songs Vol. 3

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A CD featuring many class favourite songs from Shichida.

Songs feature themes related to shopping and travel!


Track Listing

1. Total

2. If I Were a Big Bird

3. Won't You Come Swimming?

4. I Have the Biggest Dog

5. Jump Rope

6. Cowboy's Song

7. He Looks Happy

8. Smiling

9. A Little Chick

10. Snowflakes Are Falling

11. To the Playground

12. How Many?

13. Whose Carrot Is This?

14. Left Or Right?

15. Where Have You Been?

16. I'm Going Shopping

17. When Will You Take Me?

18. Where Are the Jelly-beans?

19. The Wind

20. What Should I Do?

21. Hide And Seek

22. Where Is My Passport?

23. I Was Studying In My Room

24. I Must Call My Mom

25. There Was a Boy

26. Things That I Like

27. Holidays Make Me So Happy!

28. When I'm Ten




    • Naturally master grammar, expressions, pronunciation, rhythm and intonation
    • Increase vocabulary
    • Improve the quality of the brain by stimulating the right brain's memory circuits


    • Phrases are input by repeatedly listening to the CD. Then, they become embedded in the child's mind as he/she sings along with the karaoke version.
    • Recitation activities help the child subconsciously grasp the rhythm and sound of the language


    • Songs are modelled on everyday language and common situations
    • Each volume contains a different situation