English Vocabulary Workbook

English Vocabulary Workbook

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For children who can write the alphabet!




    • Develop writing ability

    • Increase word recognition and power of expression

    • Learn to express object names in writing



    • Build expressive language circuits by connecting reading with writing

    • Increase intelligence and develop a better understanding of the alphabet

    • Strongly etch letters and knowledge into memory through repetitive, simultaneous use of the eyes and hands



    • Reliably increase ability with repetition

    • Lessons 1 through 10 consist of three pages each

    • Within one lesson, the child learns the same thing three times.

    • The secret to developing children's abilities is "fun activities".

    • We recommend dividing up the process of learning to write into three simple steps: tracing, copying and independent writing.

    • The English Vocabulary Workbook uses these three steps to help a child naturally develop his/her ability to write in English.

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