Alphabet Workbook

Alphabet Workbook

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Learn the correct letter shapes and writing order from A to Z, with our fun Alphabet Workbook.

About this product

  •  Use this preschool Alphabet Picture Workbook to support your child’s understanding of the English alphabet.
  • The workbook features 26 letters of the English alphabet, showing both upper and lowercase letters.
  • Learn recognition of the English alphabet letter by letter.
  • Develop writing ability by tracing the alphabet letters.
  • Learn the correct letter shapes and writing order of the alphabet letters.
  • Connect letters with pictures and sounds to develop a strong foundation of literacy skills.
  • Build a strong expressive language foundation by connecting reading with writing.
  • Have fun while learning.
  • Strongly embed letter knowledge into memory through repetitive practice.
  • Develop your child’s ability to concentrate.
  • Strengthen fine motor and cognitive skills through tracing letters.
  • Enjoy learning the alphabet as letters are shown beside pictures of objects that begin with that letter.
  • Learn to recognise, name and read the objects pictured alongside each letter.
  • In addition, children can learn the alphabetical order.
  • Spending quality time with your child while learning together has many benefits such as improved EQ and IQ as well as developing a love of learning.
  • Learning to write letters of the alphabet during the "golden period" of brain development is very beneficial for early childhood learning.

How to use the Alphabet Workbook

  • We recommend using the Alphabet Chart (available in the store) with this workbook.
  • Praise your child’s efforts, learning to write letters can feel challenging to children.
  • Be encouraging and gentle with your correction and feedback.
  • There are several ways to use this book.
    •  Look at the pictures together. Say the name of each object while pointing at it.
    • Ask where each object is, starting with only a few at a time. Ask “where is the apple?” Let your child point at the apple. If your child seems unsure, show them.
    • Identifying letters by pointing. Ask “where is A?” Let your child point at the letter.
    •  Identifying letters by sound. Point at a letter and ask “what letter is this?” Your child can tell you what letter it is if they are old enough and you have spent a good deal of time exploring the alphabet together.
    • Sounding out - point to the upper-case letter, lower-case letter and pictured objects. Sound out the letter while pointing at it. Say the name of each picture. Work with only 1 letter sound at a time. Bring attention to the fact that each object starts with the same letter.
    • Trace the letters – Show your child the correct writing order first by following the arrows. Use a pencil and gently guide your child’s hand while tracing. Let your child try by themselves.

Product specifications

  • Recommended for: 2 to 4 years old
  • A4 workbook