The Shichida Method Dot Card Set

The Shichida Method Dot Card Set

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Draw out the right brain's High Speed Calculation ability!



    • Intuitively understand equation answers

    • Raise a child with a quick understanding of arithmetic and mathematics

    • Develop other right brain abilities




    • High speed flashcard input draws out the right brain's High Speed Calculation Ability, which is the ability to instantly complete complex calculations.

    • Build brain circuits so when the child does arithmetic and math  activities in the future, he/she will develop quick understanding, mathematical talent, flashes of ideas, etc.

    • Activate the right brain with Dot Cards will open the right brain's information circuits as well as other right brain abilities such as imaging ability, memory ability and creativity.





    • Cards are separated into days making this product easy to use at home. You can begin using this set the day you receive it!

    • Even if it is your first time, all you need to do is follow the 63 Day Program.

    • This set includes many varieties of Dot Cards such as animals and foods. These will help the child enjoy the activities, keep him/her from losing interest and draw out your child’s ability to concentrate.

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