Speak Up Stories - Stage 2

Speak Up Stories - Stage 2

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Acquire language, conversation and reading ability!



    • Develop the child's English reading ability (reading comprehension)

    • Develop the child's English conversation ability



    • Join English sounds and words together and acquire reading ability by reading aloud and reciting picture books

    • Memorise conversational phrases and acquire the ability to use English by reciting picture books  



    • These short, eleven page books contain a variety of illustrations. They will allow your child to enjoy him/herself without the activity feeling forced.

    • Centred on the daily phrases and common greetings children encounter, these books are a compilation of language that your child can quickly memorise and put to use.

    • Listening to the books at double and quadruple speeds will activate your child's right brain.

The sentence volume in Speak Up Stories STAGE 2 increases 1.5 times above Speak Up Stories (No. 212-241). The set includes easy to understand, 11 page picture books and a CD. The materials are filled with a wide variety of expressions including greetings, parting phrases, self-introductions, phrases appropriate for surprising and emotionally moving situations as well as past and future tense phrases.