Honey Crayons
Honey Crayons

Honey Crayons

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    • 12 water-based crayons
    • Specially designed for a super easy and smooth drawing
    • Good quality and bright colors.
    • No messy and greasy fingers when using.




    • Develop the ability to use crayons
    • Develop fine motor skills ability
    • Develop self-confidence when using crayons


    • Encourage children to draw, write and make patterns using crayons
    • Learn about colour mixing
    • Develop self-confidence when holding crayons
    • Preparing children to use pencils in the future


    • The non-toxic crayons are made of honey wax and are washable
    • Water- based crayons
    • These crayons are ideal for children who are using line drawing workbooks

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