Good Child’s English Time - Tiny Songs Vol. 2

Good Child’s English Time - Tiny Songs Vol. 2

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A CD featuring many class favourite songs from Shichida.

Perfect for children learning to speak! Songs feature themes around playing with friends.


Track Listing

1. When the Day Begins

2. Go Up the Ladder

3. The Rooster On the Fence

4. I Am Five Now!

5. There Is a Cup

6. My Hands Are Freezing

7. There Are Five Boys In the Room

8. King Of the Mountain

9. Sally Has a White Shirt

10. I Love Mom's Cooking

11. I Go To School

12. Ballet Dancer

13. Do You Have a Pen?

14. Does Mary Have a Big Brother?

15. Which?

16. Don't Ride On My Red Bike

17. Puddles

18. Red Balloon

19. Pretty Little Bird

20. Learning To Waltz

21. Twirling and Whirling

22. We Are Hiking

23. Leaves Are Falling

24. We're Marching Along

25. Sammy, Sammy!

26. Fire! Fire!

27. I Was Riding On My Bicycle

28. Cradle Song



    • Naturally master grammar, expressions, pronunciation, rhythm and intonation
    • Increase vocabulary
    • Improve the quality of the brain by stimulating the right brain's memory circuits


    • Phrases are input by repeatedly listening to the CD. Then, they become embedded in the child's mind as he/she sings along with the karaoke version
    • Recitation activities help the child subconsciously grasp the rhythm and sound of the language 



    • Songs are modelled on everyday language and common situations
    • Each volume contains a different situation