Edison Chopsticks Step 2
Edison Chopsticks Step 2

Edison Chopsticks Step 2

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These educational chopsticks are specially designed and patented to help kids learn step by step the correct use of chopsticks. With the 1st and 2nd step chopsticks, your children can enjoy 2nd step chopsticks after being skillful with 1st step one.

  • Delicate movement and EQ development.
  • Specially designed for children helping them learn correct use with no difficulty
  • Ergonomic & scientific angle of the rings
  • 2nd step: removable finger rings for advanced use after being skillful.



    • Master hand-eye coordination
    • Ability to hold and use chopsticks correctly
    • Practice the right pincer grip which will ultimately help with holding pencils



    • Teach children to be skillful with the chopsticks (start with big grippy objects, challenge them with moving peas and slippery things)
    • Develop dexterity at a young age
    • When used regularly, it trains children to focus and concentrate



    • Fun characters
    • Easy to hold – make eating vegetables FUN!!

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