Amazing Musical Pi CD English

Amazing Musical Pi CD English

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Learn Pi up to 500 digits in English numbers!




    • Become able to recite 500 digits of Pi in English!

    • Stimulate right brain by inputting massive amount of information and practicing recall

    • Lay the foundation for easy learning & knowledge acquisition for the rest of the child’s learning life



    • Teach children Pi through a right brained approach

    • Activate more of the right brain

    • Learning Pi will also help increase your child’s concentration

    • Learning Pi does not just teach your child the mnemonic method, but it also ‘trains’ and activate the right brain due to the imagery aspect of the right brain



    • Fun songs to sing along with to learn 500 digits of Pi

    • Each track is broken up into 4 digit lots, making it easy to learn Pi

    • With each track your child will learn 100 points of Pi

    • 15 fun tracks all will different tunes making it fun to learn