Alphabet Chart

Alphabet Chart

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Learn A-Z with this fun and colourful Alphabet Chart!

About this product

  • Learn the letters of the Alphabet with this colourful animal Alphabet chart.
  • The poster features 26 letters of the English alphabet, showing both upper and lowercase letters.
  • Connect letters with pictures and sounds to develop a strong foundation of literacy skills.
  • Learn to recognise and name 22 different animal words in English.
  • Learn the basics of writing by tracing the letters on the alphabet chart.
  • The poster is waterproof and can be stuck to the wall of the bath.
  • Spending quality time with your child while learning together has many benefits such as improved EQ and IQ as well as developing a love of learning.
  • Learning to recognise the alphabet during the "golden period" of brain development is very beneficial for early childhood learning.

How to use the alphabet chart

  • Display the chart where it is clearly visible and accessible for your child.
  • Praising your child’s efforts will increase their motivation.
  • There are several ways to use this chart.
    • Teach your child the Alphabet song. Remember, even if your child is too young to sing, they are listening and absorbing the information. Tap on each block showing the letter as you sing the alphabet song. Make sure to point to the letter as you say the name of the letter.
    • Learn the animal names together. Say the name of each animal while pointing at the animal.
    • Ask where each animal is, starting with only a few at a time. Ask “where is the horse?” Let your child point at the horse. If your child seems unsure, show them.
    • Identifying letters by pointing. Ask “where is A?” Let your child point at the letter.
    • The first letter of your child’s name is a great place to start! Show your child their special letter and focus on that letter for a few days.
    • Identifying letters by sound. Point at a letter and ask “what is this?” Your child can tell you what letter it is if they are old enough and you have spent a good deal of time exploring the chart together.
    • Sounding out - point to the upper-case letter, lower-case letter and word. For the D square, they would say D (name), d (name), dog (word), and then the sound the picture starts with – Dog starts with /d/.

Product specifications

  • Recommended for: 6 months to 4 years old
  • The poster is laminated